Monday 21/06/2010, 15:21

I was thinking about putting Ambre in my Nightmare deck, realizing that Oshitsune is banned. i cannot use him. im also wondering if i should replace Nerfiniti with Chiara (A Skeelz, not a Nightmare) since a lot of people like her abilities.

Monday 21/06/2010, 15:28


Monday 21/06/2010, 15:51

Maybe post Your full deck? Nightmare lacks good 3* (beside Pan), so many people use 3* splashes like Chiara or Uranus, I'd chose Uranus, dr is always useful... Ambre is a good choice usually, but in this week Ghumbo is unbanned and I dont recommend using both in one deck... there won't be much room for other cards... Ambre works amazing with Oshitsune and Glorg, but now that Oshi is banned I'd put Ghumbo and Glorg in...

Tuesday 22/06/2010, 19:48

Awesome, thank you. smiley
Hmm, Uranus does sound good. but her price is unbelievable. D:
thank you art.


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