Tuesday 26/10/2010, 01:53

19:44 Survivor you almost won against USBallas52_OK, Organized Konfusion (3-5): Survivor 0
19:41 Survivor you won by forfeit against Byakuyacr, Piratas do Atlântico - Guilda de (15-1): Survivor 4
19:38 Survivor you won by forfeit against Enlightenstorm (8-10): Survivor 3
19:35 Survivor you won by forfeit against r1 boss (16-smiley: Survivor 2
19:30 Survivor you won by forfeit against ESC-RALAROLO, Os Escolhidos (4-5): Survivor 1


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Tuesday 26/10/2010, 20:44

Anyone else notice how the wins are by forfeit.

Thursday 28/10/2010, 00:45

Well when using Jungo the especially do go well with the Freaks especially with life gain and poison bonuses cards like Olga,Baldovino,Nyema Or Niva Are Especially Good But However You're Using All Stars;

So Cards Like Miss Jessie Or Jessie Would Work Well With The Jungo, But They Do Miss A very God Poisoner Which They Still Need Very Much.

Hope This Helped.

Friday 29/10/2010, 02:19

They were mostly forfiet because I used Hystrix and El Gringo combo and I had lots of health compared to the opponent.

Sunday 31/10/2010, 08:11

This is nice...watch for SOA however...Roots are coming back, and that will be a major problem for this deck,.

Monday 07/02/2011, 06:00

Cool and cheap deck i will also try this out smiley


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