Friday 26/11/2010, 02:12

Im confused on wot a survivor deck needs compared to a deathmatch deck. which of the 2 is this??
R+C that deck and my other presets too please!!


Friday 26/11/2010, 03:48

DM is fast requiring easy 2HKO's. this is a DM deck

Sunday 28/11/2010, 20:45

First of all... great deck! However, I suggest you go after (atleast) Emeth. As far as DM or Survivor, I would go with DM. Survivor takes a special type of deck: slow, thought out, block heavy as well as bluff heavy. In Survivor one false move could be your last. DM is more focused on killing as fast as you can <img src=ork:" /> leaving nothing left behind and finishing the battle as quickly as possible. I play using a Nightmare / Ulu Watu deck. High attack, many 2HKO combos and Ambre to boost my Tan-Man and Kolos :*:

Thats my suggestion!


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