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Wednesday 19/05/2010, 00:07

For people on a budget elo mode is hell i know ive been on a budget for a while now but building a good solid elo deck doesnt mean you have to be a millionairre ill be honest a bit of money does help but heres an example heres my not so on-a-budget deck (forget about the ratings for now)--
and heres my on-a-budget elo deck--
theres a huge difference in price but the pussycats deck got me same amount of elo as the bangers deck did

so any ideas and thoughts on budget elo decks post em up

offline Cacti (GoC) Senior  
Friday 21/05/2010, 08:29



offline 0 Xavi Imperator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 21/05/2010, 09:01

I just made this one since it's similar to something I used when I first started.

Very Affordable Beginners Deck

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