Wednesday 28/07/2010, 11:06

Now,is there any need to change something?

Pls reply smiley

Wednesday 28/07/2010, 12:55

Toss in a Leader. No need to take anything out, just add a Leader. And possibly Wee Lee. Depending on your playstyle.

Wednesday 28/07/2010, 15:37

I am not really fan of 9 cards decks but Wee Lee for what?

Wednesday 28/07/2010, 17:26

Extra Dr if you want it. Like I said it all depends on your playing style.

As for the 9 card deck. Works for some better that for others.You just need to try it.

Wednesday 28/07/2010, 20:32

I really dont have money for trying i NEED to see if that works

Wednesday 28/07/2010, 22:59

Personally i find that power in T2 survivor can only get you so far, an easier and cheaper clan to use for T2 survivor would be sentinal, you got DRs,high power, decent abilitys and throw in a Ambre/Hugo and you got yourself a deck.
When i used Ambre+Ulu Watu i could only get so far, i was going against people with Attak +/- clans with 12 pills and it was ridculous. Thats me though for you it could be different.

Thursday 29/07/2010, 08:40

I got Uppers for that and with this deck i never go under 7

Friday 30/07/2010, 09:22

I don't like Uppers too much. Sadly, Dorian doesn't have enough punch with Graks and Trin roaming freely and Zatman is not doing a lot. His 4 damage are by default already a little laughable. Glenn has nice damage, but on the power side a little weak without Ambre imho.

And what's the deal with Wee Lee not being in there ? He is SO much better than Stanly.

9 card Leader decks are a bit counter productive. When you put a Leader into the mix, you generally want to draw that card as often as possible.

This is my new approach:


I'm still debating on taking out Uranus and putting in Jautyah instead. But eh, it should work fine. Especially when you have Morphun, Sigma and any damage reducer.

Sigma automatically kills off any Jungo or high life decks and perfectly bypasses any damage reducer out there. And even though she is pretty much useless against Roots/GHEIST, she is still a huge wall in that case.

Saturday 31/07/2010, 17:28

'I got Uppers for that and with this deck i never go under 7'
Well if you want to use Uppers in T2 survivor then you do that, its only your loss noone elses.
Also 'with this deck i never go under 7' Your highest Survivor streak is 9, which i got with Ulu Watu+Ambre.
I got 11 with Sentinal+Hugo. I could probabily get higher if i still played survivor but i dont.

The deck Ibtd has made you seems very effective. As i said before you need attak +/- in the later rounds due to having so little pills going against people with 12 pills.

Sunday 01/08/2010, 13:32

Thnx evrybody for your time i will try it out when i get clintz.


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