Tuesday 14/12/2010, 16:39


I need help on this deck. I keep getting stuck on survivor 6 with this, and I do not know how to revise this deck in order to achieve a higher streak.

Wednesday 15/12/2010, 04:38

Well, in my opinion, your first problem is 2 5* cards.

In Elo, this could be a problem if you get into a weak hand. I suggest taking one of them out and replacing them with a solid Skeelz 4* such as Jay, Manfred or Greem depending on your playing style. (Probably Aylen)

Use that extra star to make a 2* a 3*.

However, this is just my preference.

Try changing your style of pilling, maybe surprise your opp by trying to win the battle with Redra or an unexpected card.

Keep working at it, you are still getting a small amount each time smiley


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