Trading Marlysa CR

Sunday 17/06/2007, 22:24

I am trading Marlysa Cr
I`m looking for those cards:Armand,Havok,Tanaereva,Jackye,Gaia,Chloe and Vickye.
If you`re interested post here your offer or Pm me...

Monday 18/06/2007, 14:26

I have Armand and Havok, I know it will take me much more than that, but, can we work something out?

Monday 18/06/2007, 15:00

If you give me aramnd and Havok you have to give me 60.000-65.000 clintz

Monday 18/06/2007, 16:00

Thanks but no thanks them. This deal I can do by market for the same price.
Good luck though


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