offline Growler Guru  
Wednesday 30/05/2007, 02:54

I have a max Miss Ming.

Want to trade for unevolved Lamar and Tyler.

offline elbryan Master  
Thursday 31/05/2007, 03:54

I have lamar what other freaks do you have??????????????????

offline Growler Guru  
Friday 01/06/2007, 00:03

I only have miss ming ... i don't keep freaks ... do you have tyler?

offline elbryan Master  
Friday 01/06/2007, 02:03

Srry no

offline Growler Guru  
Friday 01/06/2007, 03:16

Any offers?

offline -zzzz- Novice  
Friday 01/06/2007, 14:51

Sorry to hear those cards only but i don't have those cards right now.

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