offline lewis100 Legend Clintz Bank
Wednesday 11/07/2007, 13:11

I am lookin for miss twice,nahi,page,splata,tessa and one elya

offline Bryan..TnC... Veteran Tea
Thursday 12/07/2007, 15:25

Iv got an unevolved page and a fully evolved nahi ....i could trade you

offline scousematt11 Senior  
Thursday 12/07/2007, 19:53

I got a level 3 miss twice how much will you pay

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Thursday 12/07/2007, 20:20

I have 4 miss twice, 2 nahi, 2 page, 1 splata wat u want also trades

offline lewis100 Legend Clintz Bank
Thursday 12/07/2007, 21:00

O tupacnn i will give you 3000cl,beetenka,thompson,timber

offline Assislau Novice  
Friday 13/07/2007, 00:34

I have a level 4 almost level 5 Miss Twice and a level 2 page...

I need a charlie and a Feelyn smiley

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