Open Trade

Tuesday 21/08/2007, 17:39

Hi, i need a Tessa(R) and i´m willing to trade a Burger(U) or Ironfield(c)
+ additional 700 clintz.

Wednesday 22/08/2007, 09:02

Yo, Lucifer_wmd! Then just choose Burger then! Sheesh! The nerve of some people!

Wednesday 22/08/2007, 09:21

Actually choosing any is a bad idea. Tessa is sure to be a collector and the price for both Burger and Ironfield is sure to drop in the comming weeks.

Wednesday 22/08/2007, 10:39

Still not worth a tessa lucifers right

Wednesday 22/08/2007, 23:28

LoL Nevermind, I have tessa now XDXDXDXDsmiley

Tuesday 25/09/2007, 01:14

Weeeeeesmileysmiley im pooorsmileysmiley

Tuesday 25/09/2007, 10:49

Ok well he now has the card so there is no real reason to post here, not to mention that was a rather rude post you made Lucifer_wmd. If some one choses to make that trade then it is there choice, you didn't have to post that, also you didn't need to swear.

Wednesday 26/09/2007, 18:03

Im new to this game but i got a lot of clints so i wanna no wot i can buy i hav 454clintz sum1 sell me something i dunno


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