offline iTzQueen Novice  
Thursday 28/02/2008, 02:08

I want a reasonable price, i will go a little lower than market price. but not something like 25 000 k im looking for at least 33 000

offline Xadvid Master URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 28/02/2008, 02:36

Don't Have that much.
But Ill give you Steve and Alec for that.
Wait its not worth it.
Oh well.

offline kingslayer19 Master  
Thursday 28/02/2008, 03:17

Kerozzin Cr is a great card... but I'm not really into Fang Pi Clang... otherwise I'd probably buy. Might get Marlysa Cr though for a 2 star filler.

offline Desert_Rabbit Hero Open Casket
Thursday 28/02/2008, 03:32

27k? smiley

offline iTzQueen Novice  
Thursday 28/02/2008, 04:39

Sorry rabbit, if you could bump it to 33 k ill do it

offline x iiGlucozZEe Guru Invictus
Thursday 28/02/2008, 09:14

Ill offer u 20 razors

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