offline gan ning Novice  
Thursday 27/03/2008, 11:20

Read the title any will dosmiley

offline torchic Novice  
Thursday 27/03/2008, 16:04

300 Mort Bax maxed level

offline tuMuerte Hero kings of clint city
Thursday 27/03/2008, 17:34

Angelina 150 Giovanni (maxed) 300 Aldo 100.....let me know

offline Elementz Novice  
Sunday 30/03/2008, 04:07

Flesh Pimp maxed for 900

offline Capn Clintz Titan  
Sunday 30/03/2008, 04:28

Since I feel like helping someone out, I'll give you the best deal.
Mort Bax-50clintz

thats a full Montana deck, not the best, but i have about 10of each of those cards. So I'll give you and ONLY you that price, pm if you want/need those. They will be in your private sells when you pm me.

offline kazens Master  
Sunday 30/03/2008, 05:25

Simon for 100 clint...

offline Slayernator Veteran  
Sunday 30/03/2008, 09:07

CAPN CLINTZ CAN I BUY YOUR Murphy OFF YOU FOR 100 CLINTZ ALSO ? PLS smiley woops caps on

offline Capn Clintz Titan  
Sunday 30/03/2008, 16:21

Tyler hurry up, and pm me. You basically only have one day left to collect those cards, then I won't sell them for that price.

offline Roidking16 Master  
Sunday 30/03/2008, 18:56

I will take Mort Bax off of your hands for 50 clintz

offline Roidking16 Master  
Sunday 30/03/2008, 18:57

I will take Murphy for 100 clintz too

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Clint City, day.