offline 00--OLEG--EVO Hero  
Tuesday 26/12/2006, 15:51

I am selling All these characters in one pack, so don%u2019t ask me to sell you specific characters, by one pack or nothing, so these characters are for sale:
Lewis lvl 1
Mikki lvl 1
Jenny lvl 1
Platoona lvl 1
Syd Noze lvl 3 (max)
Lihoi Chun lvl 1
Macumba lvl 4 (max)
Mini Mosu lvl 1
Natrang lvl 1
Sai San lvl 1
Tatane lvl 1
Xia Leming lvl 1
Brutox lvl 1
Gheistling lvl 1
Meyen lvl 1
Vryer lvl 1
Acid DC lvl 1
Brandon lvl 1
Keanew lvl 1
Diego lvl 1
Mitch lvl 1
Winifred lvl 1
Lino Borsa lvl 1
Mort Bax lvl 1
Candy Jack lvl 4 (max)
Cell lvl 1
Melluzine lvl 1
Ninja Nyne lvl 1
Ataoualpe lvl 1
Beltran lvl 1
Kiki lvl 4 (max is 5)
Zdrone lvl 1
Ice Jim lvl 1

So If you want to buy this cards youl have to buy them all in this one big pack%u2026.
It is an AUCTION so the one who offers the most gets them all%u2026

We start of 28000 clintz but if you want to trade cards that%u2019s fine with me I am looking for high power charecters like Zatman, Jackie, Tanaereva, Lelena, Noodile, (these are the charecters that I want so if you want to trade anyof em please contact me%u2026or offer other%u2026.

Auction starts at 28000

offline Giako Darron Veteran  
Tuesday 26/12/2006, 17:48

I have Tanareva if you want

offline 00--OLEG--EVO Hero  
Tuesday 26/12/2006, 18:18

Yes tanareva is good but even at 5 stars he costs 11000 and we start at 28000........see my point can trade some other cards with high power just like i said at the end

offline TouchMeSoftly Hero Code of Chivalry
Wednesday 27/12/2006, 03:25

That doesnt add up to 28,000clintz more along the lines of less then 10,000

offline 00--OLEG--EVO Hero  
Wednesday 27/12/2006, 10:32

There s kiki and macumba one macumba costs 10000

offline DANYez Imperator  
Wednesday 27/12/2006, 10:46

Yup i ahve only 1600 clyntz

offline 00--OLEG--EVO Hero  
Wednesday 27/12/2006, 12:42

You see only one macumba and kiki cost 26000 clintz cause i nearly got kikiup to lvl 5 and macumba is at lvl 5...and all the rest of stuff is nearly free...anyway

THIS OFFER IS CLOSED............................

offline Morder4Life Senior  
Wednesday 27/12/2006, 13:13

I'll pay for it 15000 if you want.

offline 00--OLEG--EVO Hero  
Wednesday 27/12/2006, 15:21

15000!!!!!! thats like the cost of one kiki man

anyway this offer is closed


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