offline hHsd Novice  
Sunday 04/02/2007, 03:14

I'm buying Franki Hi,Jim and Samantha please offer me max cards.

offline a bheb43 Senior  
Sunday 11/02/2007, 10:03

Dorian gs2 moh? maxed level na 5800 lng (n_n) hehehe

offline hHsd Novice  
Sunday 11/02/2007, 13:16

Sorry A bheb43 meron na ko nun Jim meron ka kahit hindi max level na?

offline Preet_Tyagi Veteran The ~Cal~ Conspiracy
Tuesday 13/02/2007, 17:40

Wat language are u people talking in...sounds a little like hindi.....but it aint.....
anyway...any feedback ont he Jim?

offline hHsd Novice  
Wednesday 14/02/2007, 13:01

The language we are talking is tagalog the language in Philippines...but you have Jim even it's not maxed level already?

offline Mine Louise Veteran  
Wednesday 14/02/2007, 19:23

Maeva 500ctz level 3

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