offline xtc-m4n Master  
Friday 27/04/2007, 00:12

Comon people give me your offerssmiley

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Friday 27/04/2007, 02:26

What will you trade for hugo

offline xtc-m4n Master  
Monday 30/04/2007, 00:44

Give an offersmiley

offline UP FAST EVO Titan  
Monday 30/04/2007, 06:17

Selling Dj Korr Cr, any reasonable offer.?? add me jamolinam?

offline Skimsa Guru  
Monday 30/04/2007, 13:46

Wha t level is hugo?

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Tuesday 01/05/2007, 05:40

Sorry dont know wich cards you need or want and wich level hugo has

offline xtc-m4n Master  
Wednesday 02/05/2007, 03:56

Its maxed

offline Spartan 117 Senior luciferking Guild
Wednesday 02/05/2007, 12:53

90 clitz

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Wednesday 02/05/2007, 13:45

Tanks have one maxed too

offline arachi Titan Norway
Wednesday 02/05/2007, 13:54

5000 clintz yust send private

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Clint City, day.