offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff   starstarstarstarstar
Saturday 29/07/2006, 05:57

This card is a hacked card that i hacked myself. it has the ability to always win in a fight no matter what. it is an unwritten ability. everything else is normal. i have other cards like this if interested. i will sell it for only 70000 clintz. it is a level 5 lao.

offline *TG*chronic Hero  
Saturday 29/07/2006, 10:01

I don't think you are telling the truth i will give you 30000 for it.

offline SWiFTx Veteran  
Sunday 30/07/2006, 05:03

Now, why would you go off telling people you 'hacked' cards. silly kids.

offline Lonith Hero  
Wednesday 02/08/2006, 13:40

You say this Lao card and others you have are so godly and unbeatable. I have a challenge for you. I'll use 1 deck and one deck only. If I beat your Godly cards deck you give me them. If you beat me I'll give you 70000 and you keep the cards. I'm w8ing.

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