Tuesday 11/03/2008, 20:40

Hi all, first apparition here.
I have a sell to make!
50 Titus must be are Sold.
All in one time. You canot take only one...

How much? 300.000. You can try to make less, check the market price !! Good offert here =D
Trade accepted, no junk plz.

Thks to pass the message!

Tuesday 11/03/2008, 21:16

The current market price is 3.500 - 4.000 x 50 = 175 - 200k

Tuesday 11/03/2008, 21:40

50... not 10. Check the price for the 50, 400-425K
Ok, i can put 250K...

Tuesday 11/03/2008, 22:28

Wat about 200?

and whats the affect?

Tuesday 11/03/2008, 22:51

LOL that's a rip off I bought Boris back when he only costed 2800 and Titus only costed 1100


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