offline Lord Davco Hero  
Tuesday 11/03/2008, 22:29

Trading cards for good bangers !!!!!!! make me an offer!!!!!!!!!smileysmiley

offline SperoSpera Titan  
Tuesday 11/03/2008, 22:52

I got a Blaaster, can't really make an offer without a list of what you have specifically though.

offline chasmflip Imperator  
Tuesday 11/03/2008, 23:19

I have a willy ?

offline o(-_-)o_o Senior  
Wednesday 12/03/2008, 06:12

I have juice lord (R) smileysmileysmileysmiley

offline Y R U MAD Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 12/03/2008, 08:28

I have all rare and good bangers like saddy, 2 blaaster, 2 willy, vermyn n, juicy lord

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