Saturday 03/05/2008, 05:10

I like to buy levition or ux52 for 3k-3100 can any one cut me a brake an sell me one i can only buy in private sales. can some one give me 1 brake for a nice card only wont 1 an hope its a 1 star plz give me a brake.smiley

Saturday 03/05/2008, 08:28

Lol NOBODY will sell you those cards for thatsmiley

Saturday 03/05/2008, 16:24

I just like one for them ux52 or levition for cheap just 1 of eather i just wont a brake you know when you see a realy nice card that usely 10 down 2 1500 i like one of those just one thats all realy a nice strong card.


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