offline Jon1972-evo Hero  
Monday 26/03/2007, 12:48


ice jim

offline AOD Teh0n3 Master Army of Darkness
Monday 26/03/2007, 13:06

Do you have Kati cause i could really use her and i'll give you 775 Clintz for Armand!!!

offline Long Island Senior Flammafoinix's clan
Monday 26/03/2007, 15:02

I will give u 2000 for armand

offline Poplist Novice MONSTROCITY
Monday 26/03/2007, 15:20

I want a card, for a low price =-/

offline Jon1972-evo Hero  
Tuesday 27/03/2007, 09:34

Tafa and armand are gone, now

offline Direito X Imperator  
Tuesday 27/03/2007, 13:34

I give 4500 for Armand

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Clint City, night.