offline ironmask Senior  
Monday 12/03/2007, 04:05

I have the following cards for trade:
Sakura lvl 1 (U)
Wanda max (U)
Yayoi lvl 2 (U)
Globumm max (C)
2 Ingsthra lvl 1 (C)
Aurelia max (C)
Rebecca lvl 1 (C)
2 Lewis lvl 1 (C)
2 Diego max (C)
2 Niki lvl 1 (C)
2 Simon lvl 1 (C)
2 Candy Jack lvl 1 (C)
2 Dieter lvl 1 (C)

Looking for leader/banger cards or pussycat cards that i don't have for trade

offline Kevarri9000 Senior Sentinel guild
Monday 12/03/2007, 16:10


offline SLOB-MJL Guru  
Tuesday 13/03/2007, 23:56

How much for yayoi or who do you want?

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Clint City, day.