offline corrosion Senior  
Friday 21/07/2006, 17:52

Trading or selling the following...
Xia Leming lvl 3
Erica lvl 1
Sigmund lvl 2
Vladimir lvl 3
Flyer lvl 2
Winifred lvl 3
Baby Q lvl 1
Gwen lvl 2
Oryon lvl 2
Aurelia lvl 2
Robin lvl 2
Tafa lvl 1
Tanaereva lvl 3

for trades I need nightmare/banger/leader thanx

offline Wylde_Bil_AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Monday 24/07/2006, 17:57

I'll trade you a vansaar for the xia leming

offline Bluedrgoon1231 Senior  
Monday 24/07/2006, 20:45

I'll trade you Admiral PY lvl 3 for Erika, Verymn N lvl 3, almost 4, and Lost Hog lvl 4 for Baby Q and Gwen.

offline Hotshot10ras Imperator THe Looneys
Wednesday 26/07/2006, 04:30

I'll give u 1000 for your tanaereva

offline Rush N Money Master  
Friday 28/07/2006, 08:04

Il giv u 2 maxed out cards for tanaereva

offline white ninja Master THe Looneys
Saturday 29/07/2006, 05:02

Private sell me baby Q for a fair price. ill see if i want it. or message me on how much clints u want for it.

offline Halo-Slayer Senior  
Monday 31/07/2006, 07:25

I trade your FLyer my lvl 2 Meava

offline Halo-Slayer Senior  
Monday 31/07/2006, 18:11

I trade my Baxter lvl 2 for your Sigmund
and your Flyer for my Meava lvl 2

offline Halo-Slayer Senior  
Monday 31/07/2006, 18:16

Baxter must be Brutox

offline N00dileCr4 Senior  
Monday 31/07/2006, 19:43

I trade u my zlatar for ur baby q and a suck card if u want.

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