offline ironmask Senior  
Thursday 01/03/2007, 02:26

Selling bodenpower for 5090 in market
Selling jane ramba for 6590 in market

offline jimmytimmy Senior  
Thursday 01/03/2007, 21:33

That is not cheap idiot

offline ironmask Senior  
Thursday 01/03/2007, 23:41

It was cheap when i was selling it. btw, you still haven't bought my card i put on private sale to you. Don't always assume people are idiots because its not the cheapest on the market currently, prices go up and down very quickly. So i guess that makes you the idiot, smiley

offline ironmask Senior  
Friday 02/03/2007, 00:03

It was the cheapest when i was selling it i mean (not currently cause i made the post yesterday)

offline Black_Heart Senior Urban Most-Wanted Rivals
Saturday 03/03/2007, 02:02

I want bodenpower i want him if you didnt sell bodenpower to me am sadsmiley

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