offline batman52 Senior  
Tuesday 18/07/2006, 14:49

I will pay high

offline Wylde_Bil_AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Wednesday 19/07/2006, 01:29

Whats your offer? cause I got one!

offline goofy2180 Veteran  
Thursday 20/07/2006, 22:20

I got a fifty at level three almost to level four

offline D-Roc Master winer time
Saturday 22/07/2006, 03:46

I got one. whats the offer

offline Pershing Colossus  
Monday 24/07/2006, 15:18

I got one level max or level 1

offline Rush N Money Master  
Wednesday 26/07/2006, 18:42

I have got a level 3 fifty and will sell him to you for 50 clintz

offline Lonith Hero  
Tuesday 01/08/2006, 19:12

I got 4 Maxed Fifty. What's your Offer???

offline Lonith Hero  
Wednesday 02/08/2006, 20:41


4500 Clints each for Max lvl Fifty I have 6 of them now. Get back to me.

offline white ninja Master THe Looneys
Thursday 03/08/2006, 04:22

I got fifty maxed. buy it from me for 2500 and its a deal.

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