offline Bluedrgoon1231 Senior  
Friday 21/07/2006, 00:40

Want to sell or trade Chikko lvl 2, Vermyn N lvl 3, Lost Hog lvl 3, Admiral Py lvl 3, Flesh Pimp lvl 2, William lvl 3, and Ogoun Kyu lvl 2.

Female cards are preffered

Tried to start it before, but I'm not sure if it worked.

offline Bluedrgoon1231 Senior  
Friday 21/07/2006, 04:35

My chikko and flesh pimp lvled up to 3, and lost hog is close

offline corrosion Senior  
Friday 21/07/2006, 17:54

I have Erica lvl 1, Winifred lvl 3, Baby Q lvl 1, Gwen lvl 2, Aurelia lvl 2, and tafa lvl 1 interested? I would like Vermyn N or any other bangers/nightmare/leaders if your interested

offline goofy2180 Veteran  
Friday 21/07/2006, 22:29

I have a vermyn n at level maxed

offline Bluedrgoon1231 Senior  
Sunday 23/07/2006, 02:21

I'm intereseted inthe Baby Q and erica, for Vermyn N and som1 else

offline Johnny Extreme Senior  
Monday 24/07/2006, 00:19

How much would you sell Admiral Py for.

offline sonik_pitbull Novice  
Monday 24/07/2006, 09:31


offline 0-Jade Titan  
Monday 24/07/2006, 10:03

How much are you selling Lost Hog?

offline Hotshot10ras Imperator THe Looneys
Friday 28/07/2006, 01:38

I will give you 2000 clintz for your admiral py and lost hog

offline Oldrepublican Master  
Wednesday 02/08/2006, 18:18

I got a lev 4 Dorian, can i hav admral py and/ or flesh pimp

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