offline RDHD Legend  
Tuesday 31/10/2006, 04:53

Melissa for sale!!!!!! 25000 lvl max. will consider some trading.

offline jackblack25 Novice  
Wednesday 01/11/2006, 03:21

Ill give u 102

offline 7-Redge-7 Novice ®Seven-Team®
Wednesday 01/11/2006, 16:11

Lolll, 25000 is already a very cheap price smiley

offline 1-MITSU Titan Army of Darkness
Thursday 02/11/2006, 07:27

I don't understand why melissa and sigmund are so expensive. I sold them both fast. I typed 3700 (one of the zeros didn't register and didn't realize it until after it was sold) for 37000. Even at 3700, it's still a good sale (I sold my first Sigmund for 400 clintz back in September). Melissa is not that good of a card. Maybe someone can explain how she is worth more than 1000 clintz.

offline Elsman Guru ONE-OFF
Thursday 02/11/2006, 10:39

Evo duck aod... don't hate me for telling you that... From tomorrow melissa will be no longer distribuited... she will become a "collector card" and her value is going to increase even further..............

offline chrisdab AOD Veteran Army of Darkness
Thursday 02/11/2006, 16:12

Sigmund also. The home page says it all if you want to know.

offline RDHD Legend  
Thursday 02/11/2006, 18:43

She is already sold thanks

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