Monday 22/01/2007, 15:08

Is someone willing to do so?

Monday 22/01/2007, 15:20

I have jim already srysmiley

Monday 22/01/2007, 20:32

I got a spare maxed dwain for thaumaturge too.
Prefer not fully evolved over fully evolved.

Wednesday 24/01/2007, 08:29

I got an almost fully evolved 3 stars, has 75% exp neede for next lvl) Bryan. Is anybody willing to trade his/her lvl 1 Bryan and 1-2 additional lvl1 La Junta cards for my Bryan?

Sunday 28/01/2007, 22:10

Just opened a lvl 1 Bryan from a pack. My first Bryan is fully evolved. Anybody willing to trade a Marlyse for Bryan 2 'Soleil' commons?

Monday 29/01/2007, 20:07

Thaumaturge is almost in. I'm now looking for 'soleil'cards A Award and Skullface. I got other 'soleil' doubles for it.

Friday 02/02/2007, 12:38

I got Marlysa. Still searching for A Award and Skullface.
BTW Does anyone has not evolved La Junta's for trade? I got the fully evolved cards in return.

Friday 02/02/2007, 12:49

I have Skullface.

Friday 02/02/2007, 15:08

What do you want for Marlysa?

Friday 02/02/2007, 20:54

What do you want for your Skullface? I got some of the 'soleil' cards double.
As for Marlysa I prefer to wait until she is CR, because I want to trade het for a Dragan.


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