offline - james19_UM Guru  
Wednesday 22/08/2007, 04:16

Buying zatman in a low price...

offline Mint_y Imperator  
Wednesday 22/08/2007, 06:56

8000 max lvl

offline - james19_UM Guru  
Thursday 23/08/2007, 14:49

Oh men... that's a market price... lower???smiley

offline alhiti2 Senior  
Thursday 23/08/2007, 17:45

How to get new card smiley

offline - james19_UM Guru  
Friday 24/08/2007, 05:54

Buy in the market using ur clintz... or collect credits,go to the shop,and purchase a booster pack...
and also,u can buy credits in the shop...

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