offline chainz-old Veteran  
Saturday 15/03/2008, 19:06

Im selling it for 390k it how much it is on the market maxed
im also looking for a marlsya cr
might lower sale plrice

offline geofree789 Imperator  
Saturday 15/03/2008, 19:23

It is actually 211k on the market

offline Varathron Imperator ELITE NATION
Saturday 15/03/2008, 19:28

Between 205k and 212k on the market for Dragan cr

offline chainz-old Veteran  
Saturday 15/03/2008, 19:30

Izit ok

offline chainz-old Veteran  
Sunday 16/03/2008, 18:09


offline 3T Bobby jo Titan  
Sunday 16/03/2008, 23:44

160000 smiley

offline 3M Allex Guru Masters of Battle
Monday 17/03/2008, 07:44

I give you 1k for dragan smiley

offline 0Peter P Guru Heroes
Monday 17/03/2008, 10:37

2 elya cr

offline chainz-old Veteran  
Monday 17/03/2008, 14:50

At the least i want 220000

offline mets86 Titan  
Monday 17/03/2008, 23:29

162 smiley

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