offline darkpoloy Veteran Semiramis
Wednesday 19/03/2008, 02:28

Pm me what you want for it... and let see if we can make a deal..

offline jt10 Novice  
Wednesday 19/03/2008, 02:34


offline cool man4 Novice akatsuki
Wednesday 19/03/2008, 05:40

smileysorry all i got is 192 plz

offline Capn Clintz Imperator  
Wednesday 19/03/2008, 06:05

Wow, you two need to read better and not post noob bids. Its a insult when you post way lower then market, and its kinda dumb to say your buying when clearly says he is buying. If he was selling it would of said...lets see here...hmmm....still thinking......GOT IT! it would of said selling Vickie.

offline Geforcer Guru  
Wednesday 19/03/2008, 11:41

I would have to agree with Capn Clintz here. Vickie is very expensive (25k and up). You can't really expect Darkpoloy to sell them for that miserably low price.

offline Geforcer Guru  
Wednesday 19/03/2008, 11:42

And P.S. He isn't selling, he's BUYING. It clearly says.

offline x iiGlucozZEe Guru Invictus
Wednesday 19/03/2008, 18:10

Erm i have her maxed pm me with a deal/offer

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