offline 00--OLEG--EVO Hero  
Friday 29/12/2006, 22:22


Baby Q
Ninja Nyne

All at their max levels

offline DANYez Imperator  
Saturday 30/12/2006, 12:24

What is the price for charlie and yaoy??or what cards you want to trade?

offline 00--OLEG--EVO Hero  
Saturday 30/12/2006, 19:04

I put them on the market check it out there

offline Mine Louise Veteran  
Saturday 06/01/2007, 15:50

What is the price for Charlie (U) and yaoy??

offline BWJagas Hero Black Wizards
Monday 08/01/2007, 11:08

Ofer you for baby q juicy (B) and 4000 clintz

offline PS LILADI Novice  
Monday 08/01/2007, 20:07

I am buy charli how mach?

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Clint City, day.