offline allochtoon Master  
Saturday 17/03/2007, 18:31

Juicy Lord maxed out

Nina maxed out
Selsya maxed out

Berserkgirl first level
Berserkgirl maxed out
Kawan maxed out

La Junta
Bryan maxed out
Wardog maxed out

Morphun maxed out

Rosa third level

Ambrose maxed out
Dwain maxed out
Kenny maxed out
Ombre maxed out
Thaumaturge maxed out

Alice maxed out
Charlie maxed out
Dolores Boss maxed out
Wanda maxed out
Yayoi maxed out

Beltran maxed out
Nahi maxed out

Ingsthra maxed out
Reine maxed out
SkrumxxT maxed out
Uranus maxed out
Venus maxed out

Copper fourth level
Klaus maxed out
Luis maxed out
Zdrone maxed out

Ulu Watu
Coraille maxed out
Tanaereva maxed out

Dorian maxed out
Jim maxed out
Mo DiFalco maxed out you peeepz know my characters...
i only want to see ya bid...
i don't care if it's Clintz or a trade...
i won't reply if ya'll keep ask'n what the price is...
peace out!

offline Self Made Jet Master  
Saturday 17/03/2007, 20:08

Ill buy ur nahi for 500clintz

offline DANYez Imperator  
Saturday 17/03/2007, 20:46

I`m interested SELSYA,AMBROSE,DWAIN,OMBRE,THAUMATURGE,BELTRAN,NAHI.i can trade you Eyrton,Laetitia,Endo,bersekgirl,Python,Rosa,sakura,ratanah,phonos,Klaus,luiscoraille,Joao.WHAT YOU WANT IF THOSE CARD`S TO you answer heresmiley

offline DANYez Imperator  
Saturday 17/03/2007, 20:46

I forgot i`m interested for reine toosmiley

offline DANYez Imperator  
Saturday 17/03/2007, 20:47

smileyand jim

offline ironmask Senior  
Sunday 18/03/2007, 07:20

Buying juicelord for 3k

offline allochtoon Master  
Sunday 18/03/2007, 12:24

I'm sorry peaple...but i've done a stupid thing...
i'm goi'n to sell it at the market..
cause i can make better clintz out of it..

offline SunaSuki Imperator  
Tuesday 20/03/2007, 18:29

Buy Berserkgirl e cooper

offline WhiteStar06 Novice  
Saturday 24/03/2007, 15:48

How much do you want for Berserkgirl??

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