Thursday 26/04/2007, 23:47

Kimberly lvl2
Jenny max
Laetita max
Mc. Decay max
Kati level 3
Akiko Max
Bersker Girl Max
Amiral Py Max
No Nam level 4
Hugo Max
Angelina Max
Flesh Pimp MAX
Giovanni Max
Sakura Max

Friday 27/04/2007, 02:49

Hmmm... I Think I Need Akiko...
How much would ya sell?
I'm offering it for 850 Ctz,
Feel free to negotiate smiley
Or if it's set oredy, sell me in private smiley

Friday 27/04/2007, 17:58

I wan Giovanni what about 400 ?

Sunday 29/04/2007, 02:57

My Akiko is level maxed.... a least 1100

Sunday 29/04/2007, 02:58

Akiko.... its level maxed so at least 1100smiley


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