offline ironmask Senior  
Saturday 09/06/2007, 05:41

I'm looking to buy or trade for Tessa and Swidz. Please list some offers here or pm me some offers.

offline DUC - Jerre Titan  
Saturday 09/06/2007, 09:41

If I can give you an advise:
Wait until new characters are added.
The prices will drop to about 5.000Clintz for swidz and 8.000 for tessa(because she's soleil).
Now it's still way to expensive and it's not wearth it dude.

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Saturday 09/06/2007, 10:49

I Am Finding Tessa And Swidz.........It's dropping to 5,000 clintz Swidz And 8,000 For Tessa So it's hard to get those cards lately.........

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