offline leaderofguild Veteran the runescape people
Wednesday 07/11/2007, 01:50

I have over 100 cards tell me the one u want and price i will try to get back to u and i will take a good price

offline UC_Psychosis Senior  
Wednesday 07/11/2007, 04:13

I am desperate for Tank(U) or Winifred(C) from the junta ill trade card for card cause im a a lost for cash

offline dread skurai Titan  
Wednesday 07/11/2007, 05:09

What you got 4 tank?

offline Sifrus Master  
Wednesday 07/11/2007, 05:09

Do u have Lulabee lvl last i will buy for 2500 clintz its that ok private sell me

offline flipthecolors Hero  
Wednesday 07/11/2007, 12:15

Do you have Corrina?i'll buy it for 350 clintz..please...just put it in my private sales..

offline HAN Pussycat Veteran  
Wednesday 07/11/2007, 16:06

Geuner for 7500

offline XplizitGamer Master  
Wednesday 07/11/2007, 21:58

NEED Dragan cr and i will gib u lamar ,ashigaru ,hugo, xu52 if u do

offline Wizzy95 Hero TRiNiTY
Wednesday 07/11/2007, 22:26

How much for Burger?

offline CRAZY_G_CWG Titan straight beast
Thursday 08/11/2007, 00:16

Have any Rescuse or Sentials for less the 200

offline leaderofguild Veteran the runescape people
Thursday 08/11/2007, 01:07

I have lullabee and geuner nut geuner is nfs

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