offline goldengecko Novice  
Tuesday 15/01/2008, 16:46

Its maxxed out at lv 5 im currently selling for 6k slightly negotiable pm or post to buy

offline Dj21 Master The Pythons
Tuesday 15/01/2008, 22:06

I only got 3k wil u do that

offline goldengecko Novice  
Tuesday 15/01/2008, 23:16

No sry not unless u sum cards i like

but add me so when u get 6k u can buy it

offline Neo_ExXxilE Hero  
Wednesday 16/01/2008, 03:27

Dude i sold that to you what the heck

offline Baron Brixius Legend  
Wednesday 16/01/2008, 04:03

It isn't even that great of a card, lol. Its ability, Stike Back, is to go second in the first round of play, but going second is not much of an advantage. Going first, you end up having control of which of the last 2 cards play each other, so it's almost better to be first unless playing a deck with a one-hit KO card. I also have to say that once MY Ashigaru was maxxed, I was EXTREMELY dissappointed by the artwork. He looked far more badass in the first 3 lvls than in the last two. Still, having an 8/6 card can't be all bad, right?

offline dean00 Novice Wogs for lyf
Wednesday 16/01/2008, 04:26


offline goldengecko Novice  
Wednesday 16/01/2008, 22:53

Still selling...

offline mucahid Novice  
Sunday 20/01/2008, 19:50

? buy ashigaru 2500 ctz

offline Zeus-l Veteran  
Monday 21/01/2008, 23:10

Ill buy it for alexei which is 1000 lvl 4, copper which is 2500 lvl 5 , and anita which is 250 lvl 2 or soon to be 3 so then it would be 300,or for all these cards i say they r maxed otu well only 1 but it will get maxed.... plus ill offer u 200 more clintz. Huryy and contact me now .... =P

offline Zeus-l Veteran  
Tuesday 22/01/2008, 23:22

Do u want my cards or what alexei copper and anita?
for ashigaru

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