Sunday 17/02/2008, 16:25

I need Charlie, Baby Q, Clara, and yayoi
i will be willing to trade my amiral py, diego, emeth, Leo, mithch, Myke, and Niki
all my guys are maxed and i prefere to get maxed cards
and i will also trade clintz

Sunday 17/02/2008, 19:02

I'll trade you my Level 3 Clara for your Level 5 Emeth.. let me know.

Sunday 17/02/2008, 20:57

No i dont think its comepletly fair

Monday 18/02/2008, 06:15

That's more fair than the trades you are looking for. The only remotely fair trades I can see are Amiral Py and Emeth. The rest of those cards are rather pathetic compared to the Pussycats you want.

You are asking for a good portion of the best Pussycats in the game, and offering mediocre Juntas for them (the only real exception is Emeth). How can you possibly figure that to be fair?


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