offline kazens Master  
Wednesday 26/03/2008, 00:23

Can someone sell at me oyoh for 50 clint, boden power for 50 clint n blaaster for 80 clint??

offline heartbeatracer Imperator  
Wednesday 26/03/2008, 01:07

Why would you ask such a pointless question?

those cards are all worth well over 1000 clints eachsmiley

offline 69 hoodrich Legend  
Wednesday 26/03/2008, 02:07

Stupid subjects shouldn't even be allowed to be posted.

offline Toxica Legend Open Casket
Wednesday 26/03/2008, 02:55

I'll do it.

If you sell me a Lyse Teria Cr for 100 clintz, a Manon Cr for 100, and Melissa Cr for 100.

offline Gryazzie Titan  
Wednesday 26/03/2008, 10:06

Lol..good one anonosaka

offline kazens Master  
Wednesday 26/03/2008, 13:01

I dont have cr card.... n bcoz i want it to much....

offline meinemene Senior  
Friday 28/03/2008, 03:52

Man!!! i was really trying to help. I spent the last 2 days trying 2 put those cards up 2 private for 25 clintz each!!! what a bargain, mate! but somehow its not possible...and due 2 my will help, i cant sell them 2 u any higher than 25cz... =(

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