offline Red _XIII Novice  
Friday 16/11/2007, 22:28

Some Trade from france!

Tessa (R) x 2 (Full Xp)
Diyo (C) x2 (0xp)
Geuner Cr (Cr) x2 (0xp)
Leviatonn (R) (Level max)
Thaumarturge Cr (Full Xp)
Kenny (R) Full Xp
Ombre Cr (Cr) Full Xp
3 Cassio (C) (1 0xp 2 Full Xp)
1 Nahi Cr (Cr) (0 Xp)
Lullabee x6 (many Xp)

Looking for Some CR=>
Jim Cr _ Ambrose Cr _ A award Cr _ Reine Cr _ Skullface Cr

My pleasure.

offline Case Opened Imperator  
Friday 16/11/2007, 23:23

Well i dont have 1 of those you need....................................... but i have other cards

i want to trade you
Geuner Cr

thats all i want ................... wat do you want for them

offline Heaps Novice  
Saturday 17/11/2007, 03:52

Anyone hve gheist for cheap??? i need some....

offline UM_Thomas Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 17/11/2007, 04:03

How much 4 kenny

offline 0UC K-Ryder Master  
Saturday 17/11/2007, 05:35

I want lullabee for 1000 and trade vermyn n

offline _Mr-I_ Senior  
Saturday 17/11/2007, 08:45

How much Leviatonn PM me

available 0_Dribble Colossus Open Casket
Saturday 17/11/2007, 08:50

Jim Cr _ Ambrose Cr _ A Award Cr _ Reine Cr _ Skullface Cr
got all them what do you want for all your soleils

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