offline MrCanavezes Titan Death Squad
Wednesday 19/12/2007, 17:08

WAnna buy Bryan from La Junta today.
whysper prices.

offline jcgolden Imperator THE FANTASY DKB!!!
Monday 14/01/2008, 17:23

I give 100

offline Buld Hero !!!The Guild of Winners!!!
Monday 14/01/2008, 19:01

I give 500.

offline nova conta Hero  
Monday 14/01/2008, 19:30

I give 1000

offline 0-Nightmare Senior  
Monday 14/01/2008, 19:59

He said he wants to buy not sell smiley

offline nova conta Hero  
Monday 14/01/2008, 22:00

Lol ok sorry... cant sell

offline 0UC K-Ryder Master  
Monday 14/01/2008, 23:24

I have one for 4000 on the market, but i'll lower for you for 3k

offline iiiaaannn Imperator  
Tuesday 15/01/2008, 05:38

I have one.. can trade it for commons....

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Clint City, day.