[BUY] Splata cr

Sunday 13/01/2008, 15:08

Hey im looking to buy Splata Cr for under 30k :p

Im hoping anyone will sell him to me for 25k :*:

I can also trade cards for him, i have just about ever non-cr 2*-4* worth having

and also Armand, Bodenpower, Dorian (5* + 3*), Peeler, Erpeto, Hax Ielena, Oyoh, Shakra, Willy, marco (2*), Lulabee, Ambre and Charlie (4*)

Please pm me or post offers here ^^

Sunday 13/01/2008, 23:29

Anyone want to sell Splata Cr? :(

Monday 14/01/2008, 20:53

Cmon sell me your splata cr's :cool:


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