Thursday 03/04/2008, 17:06

I have one Selsya Cr 0xp for sale trade im lookin for about 300k only more on the market at 0xp at the moment so plz post your offer the price can drop maybe a little bit
plz pm me fnx tinygerrard12

Thursday 03/04/2008, 17:12

Selsya 0xp for around 300k? ain't that too expensive? well..anyway..good luck finding people who'd accept your offer..smiley

Thursday 03/04/2008, 17:46

There is a shortage of Selsya Cr on the market right now and the only 0xp is selling for a million clintz, but that is only temporary. A more reasonable price would be 40k, which is closer to the its past average. Hope no one is naive enough to actually pay your asking price (almost TEN times what it should be).

Thursday 03/04/2008, 18:04

Well.. now it's 40K smiley

Thursday 03/04/2008, 18:35

I'd say put it for 40k or something like that.
300k is overpriced

Thursday 03/04/2008, 18:49

Actually theres only 16 on the market and and only one that is 0xp and thats 1million clintz and as i said the price is negiatateable
so make an offer any1

Thursday 03/04/2008, 19:22


Thursday 03/04/2008, 20:40

I'll offer one Jackie smiley

Thursday 03/04/2008, 22:20

The 16 on the market arguement doesn't really work since there are essentially 1000s of her floating around. Like I said, it's only temporary.

How much are you willing to lower your 300k price? If you want over 40k for it then I won't even waste my time.

Friday 04/04/2008, 17:37

Ok lets stop this and turn it into an auction so a Selsya Cr 0xp auction starting bid 40k reseve 53k
will accept trades as well so start bidding


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