offline Khramme Veteran  
Thursday 11/01/2007, 07:35

Can yo sell me phonos for 600 and Brutox

offline rares2cristea Novice  
Thursday 11/01/2007, 08:49

I will need Uppers plss (exept:
please I dont have much moneysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

offline demon boy Novice  
Thursday 11/01/2007, 23:27

Who's worth 2000 clintz

offline 0Marra85-EVO Senior Dedicated
Friday 12/01/2007, 03:35

Gabrielle for 900. put in priv sales.

offline demon boy Novice  
Friday 12/01/2007, 17:59

Pm me if u got a good offer and btw it gone up 2 2136smiley

offline Wuki Senior  
Friday 12/01/2007, 20:24

Zlatar, I have only 293 and I give you all. So please if you want to sell me a Zlatar

offline Wuki Senior  
Friday 12/01/2007, 20:26

Please, sell me a Zlatar. I have only 293 and I give You all. Please.

offline Cheunger Titan  
Saturday 13/01/2007, 20:23

Hey guys sorry for long reply please reply to me personally that way i can discuss in private.

offline mavarush21 Senior champion si llevado
Sunday 14/01/2007, 03:24

I'll buy a Zdrone for 300 clintz max out

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Sunday 14/01/2007, 19:20

How about Candy Jack for 300

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