offline CBp_Daniel Novice  
Friday 19/01/2007, 20:07

No nam
dj cor cr

offline DANYez Imperator  
Friday 19/01/2007, 21:01

Whats the price for dj kor cr?

offline Skimsa Guru  
Saturday 20/01/2007, 00:32

How much for glastroboy and what level is he?

offline KV Karkus Imperator  
Saturday 20/01/2007, 13:00

I don't think you can have Dj Korr Cr smiley

offline DANYez Imperator  
Saturday 20/01/2007, 14:25

Yaya i want the price smiley

offline harvstar12 Veteran  
Thursday 25/01/2007, 08:03

Hi will like to buy dj korr cr for all my clintz 2470 clintz if you say yes put it in my private sales waitingsmileysmiley

offline allochtoon Master  
Thursday 25/01/2007, 14:35

Tell me the price for DJ Korr CR ...
or you gan give me a list of cards..
wich would like..
sow maybe we can trade

offline warsimon Veteran - fang.crew -
Thursday 25/01/2007, 18:55

I will buy cj corr cr for 2590

offline warsimon Veteran - fang.crew -
Friday 26/01/2007, 18:44

I will buy dj korr cr for 5225

offline I_am_Rav Hero Indonesia Raya
Friday 26/01/2007, 20:15

Price for dj corr pls,or maybe trade?just PM me...

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