Friday 04/05/2007, 05:24

Selling two accounts:

NaCl, lvl. 25
Cards: Charlie, Yayoi, Noon Stevens, Bryan, Nikki, Dan, Corraile, Dolorres Boss, Feelyne, Alice, Gwen, Wanda, Melluzine, Ninja Nyne, Sakura, Tania, and Svelthana... ALL MAX...

mitchieboy11, lvl. 13
Cards: A Award Cr, Dwain Cr, Lilith, Eyrton, Aurelia, Caciope, Uranus, Ingsthra, Mort Bax, and Zlatar... ALL MAX EXCEPT FOR Eyrton, Ingsthra, and Uranus...

Please PM me if you like these accounts and tell me your offers...
Thanks... smiley

Friday 04/05/2007, 09:05

I don't think this is allowed, therefor I am stunned the admins approved your post smiley

Friday 04/05/2007, 15:23

Yh it does seem abit strange lol

Friday 04/05/2007, 15:31

Note, The Shadow cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

look at his profile. and you see this.

another thing having multi accounts is against the rules no matter what, so if there his accounts admins should just delete them. :shock

Friday 04/05/2007, 18:41

Anyway ive got all the cards on the bouth acounts smiley


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