offline helllp Master  
Monday 16/07/2007, 23:10

I put on sales Timber Vassili Eve Zoltan Tank Gertrud Nanastasia and Estalt

offline Ryan_3SPT Master 300 Spartans
Tuesday 17/07/2007, 04:10

How much do u want for Estalt?
If he's not maxed out, 1600 clintz

offline nezinams Novice Drunkers
Tuesday 17/07/2007, 09:07

How much for eve

offline SupernovaHD Imperator  
Tuesday 17/07/2007, 10:29

Wat u want for gertrud

offline helllp Master  
Tuesday 17/07/2007, 12:08

Sorry I forgot to tell that all the cards are maxed
Eve for 1400
and about Gertrud and zoltan are sold

offline erikbjk Master  
Tuesday 24/07/2007, 21:22

How much for timber send me an offer smiley

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Clint City, day.