offline LHF Dizastor Hero  
Saturday 02/09/2006, 17:38

I need all these cards:
dorian tyler juicy lord wanda ninja nyne malmoth zatman lost hog dieter platoona estalt rebecca dolores boss nanook don uranus windy mor william wee lee no nam noodile mojo vladimir keanew morphun hugo crystal armand
if u have one of these card tell me and give me ur msn so we can deal over the price oksmiley?smiley

offline LHF Dizastor Hero  
Saturday 23/09/2006, 08:31

Add me @msn so we can deal there ok?

offline LHF Dizastor Hero  
Thursday 28/09/2006, 22:13

People just offer @ private sales ill look wut ill buy ok?

offline weter Veteran Alpha Flight
Saturday 30/09/2006, 02:22

I have a windy mor wanna talk???smileysmiley

offline Loneseawolf Novice Alpha Flight
Sunday 01/10/2006, 04:14

I have wee lee lvl 2 how much$$$$

offline DD_Daviiiid Senior Danish Dynamite
Wednesday 04/10/2006, 13:14

I have a Nanook for 3800 in level 3 ??

offline Raziel X Imperator The Rival Fighters
Thursday 05/10/2006, 16:21

Nin Nyne I have.. Give me a price for it... I'll sell!smiley

offline Morder4Life Senior  
Friday 06/10/2006, 07:48

I have a No Nam Level 3 1000 clintz?

offline IBIZA-CBM Master  
Monday 09/10/2006, 13:04

I have Wanda (U)

offline LHF Dizastor Hero  
Monday 09/10/2006, 14:43

People just sell at private sale and give me ur msn cuz talking ther is faster and easier
this is my

offline Kingabriel Master Devil May Cry BR
Thursday 19/10/2006, 07:05

I have too platoona, and one is im public market for 1000 clintz. the name is KingabrielEVO,

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