offline Raynos Guru  
Sunday 03/02/2008, 01:38

I am LOOKING for marylsa cr

i have

2x emeth max
Splata cr max
Kerozinn cr max
Miss twice cr max
Nahi cr max
Hammer 3*
Blaaster 1*
Edd 1* or 2*

Besides from these cards im also willing to add clintz

and i also have a large amount of "good" non-cr cards, apart from maybe a few 5* cards (i have miss chloe but not chloe etc)

Please post or PM me offers smiley

im currently valueing my list of cards at 180k smiley, so im adding clintz or extra cards to bridge the gap smiley

Pm me please smiley

offline Raynos Guru  
Sunday 03/02/2008, 13:11

Anyone at all ? Please ? smiley

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Clint City, night.