[EXCH] My soleil cr's for your marlysa cr

Sunday 03/02/2008, 01:38

I am LOOKING for marylsa cr

i have

2x emeth max
Splata Cr max
Kerozinn Cr max
Miss Twice Cr max
Nahi Cr max
Hammer 3*
Blaaster 1*
Edd 1* or 2*

Besides from these cards im also willing to add clintz

and i also have a large amount of "good" non-cr cards, apart from maybe a few 5* cards (i have Miss Chloe but not Chloe etc)

Please post or PM me offers :)

im currently valueing my list of cards at 180k :p, so im adding clintz or extra cards to Bridge the gap :)

Pm me please :)

Sunday 03/02/2008, 13:11

Anyone at all ? Please ? :(


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