Saturday 04/11/2006, 05:01

Natrang, Striker, Zdrone, Ielena, Bridget

I'm looking for Flo, Bhudd, Lamar, Lewis, Don, Eyrton, Alexei, Dwain, Ambrose

I"m not looking only for a trade, offer money, or other cards, i will consider

Saturday 11/11/2006, 01:46

Soory, sold her already...

Natrang, Striker, Zdrone still for sale

Still need: Lewis, Don, Eyrton, Alexei

clintz still accepted (i don't really expect a trade from those above)

Saturday 11/11/2006, 12:54

I'm interested in striker! How much??? (i don't have any of the card u are looking for, sorry)

Saturday 11/11/2006, 19:12

How much u got?

Saturday 11/11/2006, 23:49

Well i got quite 4k, but i'm saving them for buying a Pussycats i need... so i can offer 500 (i suppose it's at 1st lvl, right?)

Sunday 12/11/2006, 01:07

Hmmm,i can't base it off of the market, how about 550 or a solid trade, what u got?

Sunday 12/11/2006, 06:41

I will gladly take your striker for 550 clints, but if Elsman need it, just sell it to him smiley

Sunday 12/11/2006, 10:48

Just a Natrang to spare XD I suppose i'll pay it 550.

Sunday 12/11/2006, 16:42

Hmmm, its elsman's decision, we'll wait for him

Sunday 12/11/2006, 16:57

Yeah, i made up my mind, so i'll take it for 550... thx 4 waiting!

Monday 13/11/2006, 03:57

Natrang, and 2 Zdrone still available!


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