Friday 07/03/2008

Hi, I am searching for a mellisa cr.
I have lots of cards to trade.

It will also be easier if you tell me what you would want for the mellisa cr you have.

Thank you have a nice day. smiley

Friday 07/03/2008, 03:11

So no ones selling a Melissa Cr?smiley

Friday 07/03/2008, 06:28

I have a Melissa Cr and I would like to sell it for 150000 clintz (lvl 3) . But the problem is I havent buyed any credits. So I cant sellsmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Friday 07/03/2008, 09:21

Ok, here's my thing. This Krazy-rex person has 109 characters and started playing in '06, but is only level 23?!?!? I've been playing since December and I'm level 37..... Something seems off here. Not saying Krazy-rex is doing anything illegal or against the rules, it just seems extremely odd that (s)he is only level 23.........

Friday 07/03/2008, 18:15

Well the thing was I lost my password LOL. And i have been active alot now. I wasn't called krazy-rex before. It was t Ray. I ha Melissa Cr in my beginners deck. I was just Lucky. smiley

Friday 07/03/2008, 21:15

Ahhh alright, that explains a bit,smiley

Friday 07/03/2008, 23:06

How u get a cr in your beginners deck?

Friday 07/03/2008, 23:44

@Excelsiorboy: He started playing in '06 so they weren't Crs yet...........

Friday 07/03/2008, 23:48

Just so you know Melissa Cr wasn`t always cr, in '06 she was just a normal card, which you can get in beginners deck smiley

Friday 07/03/2008, 23:50

He is an old player.. that's explain you?
for example: chad bread now 26K. two yars later, maybe his price will become 100K..
that's investment.. he is got it in 2006 before Melissa Cr become a Cr


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